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Okay so it’s almost sickening how long it’s been. Dental school and life (wedding in April) has been a whirlwind since my last post in September. lol I ended Fall semester as a D3 fine… but not super satisfied with my production and work ethic in clinic in terms of completing test cases . My friend and I conspired against our next semester, declaring that we would get 300 CEUS (a quarter of our graduation requirement LOL) complete all our 10 ish test cases and just kill it in clinic!

Well I guess we didnt realize how big of an impact the school’s renovation would be on clinic productivity. What once was 120 chairs open in clinic for appointments by dental students, had been cut in half to 60 chairs but with the same number of students about 360 providing service to patients in clinic. Lets just say clinic has been booked out 4 weeks ahead since the first week we opened in January. It has been so hard to be productive in clinic and get everything done in a timely manner with barely no chairs available for appointments. We had open lines of communication with administration to no avail and had verbatimly been told that they would not be proactive with adjusting requirements but would be reactive and that January was pretty much a test run.

Well by the time March hit, we were anxiously awaiting the word from them on how we would move forward with a little under half of the semester left. Then came the pandemic….

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