It was all good just a week ago. LOL.

No but really….

Anyways, this is my crew 17 strong in NOLA for my bachelorette party in January. It was everything I could have imagined and a billion times more. Filled with great food, great drinks, great people and great music.

And then literally a week ago – my Bridal Shower. It was such a beautiful and fulfilling experience. To be surrounded by my village, my closest friend circle, basically women from all backgrounds with all types of wisdom, knowledge and experience to support me with, I had such a great time. I’m so grateful to have experienced these two wedding celebrations since  the Wedding date is uncertain right now.

When I find myself getting down about how crazy things are now, and how much of an interruption this pandemic is causing as far as the wedding goes, I think back on the 2 events I was able to participate in and am reminded of how lucky I was to have that experience. Praying for better days!!

When people ask how finals are going

2 down, 8 to go!  Except those 8 are in a span of 4 days.😩 lol So unreal. Ironically this semester wasn’t as demanding as the past ones but these finals are coming in hot! lol Pray for me. 1 week away from being half a dentist (50% done with school)! And 8 days away from my hiatus to study for BOARDS! Pray for me x2 . 😇

Spring Break 2019: Jamaica


So I just came back from my spring break trip that I planned soooo long ago with my Fiancé. Had I known we’d get engaged we definitely wouldve waited to take this trip, lol save it for the honeymoon or something.. maybe even  put the money we spent towards the wedding but oh well lol. We had a great time though, it Continue reading “Spring Break 2019: Jamaica”

Just checking in

Hey all!

D2 year has had me completely swarmed with things to do, from project deadlines, to quizzes and exams, to scholarship and study abroad applications(I got accepted! YAY) , elections and planning events for SNDA! So, my apologies. I haven’t had a chance to keep the blog updated but if I think of anything exciting I’ll be sure to get it posted. Right now, I’m Continue reading “Just checking in”