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okay so wow. its a been a while. Just finished Spring Summer semester and I guess I can say I fell a little behind. After studying for boards in May, I really did not come back to school in the right headspace. So when I should have been hard at work in clinic, fulfilling requirements, I wasn’t. I was taking it easy and just getting back into the rhythm of things on my own time. SO towards the end of the semester, I found-myself panicking, working thrice as hard in clinic trying to make sure I was completing the mandatory requirements of us for the semester. I barely made it but i did it and now I’m much more ready stay on top of things this time around. Its hard honestly as we get older in Dental school, having less classes and exams scheduled and more time in our schedule “open” so we can be clinic. This leaves a lot of autonomy for us as students to schedule appointments…or not and complete tx and requirements how we see fit.

Towards the end of the semester, I also had to mentally prepare for my study abroad trip to Bauru in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There I spent 2 weeks with 3 other Dental Students, observing the operations at one of the University of Sao Paulo’s top dental schools. Read about that here!

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