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Back from BOARDS! (NBDE pt 1)

It’s been a minute. My apologies. I had quite the last couple of months, from nonstop studying for Finals in April to Boards which I took May 20, to just life in general (struggled passing a class, car got towed $$$$, fiancé moved in etc) Like I said LIFE. I’m almost traumatized from how much was going on but I’m so happy I made it Continue reading “Back from BOARDS! (NBDE pt 1)”

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SNDA National Convention 2018


This past weekend, I attended my first SNDA conference in Orlando. It was a lot to take in and truthfully I’m still processing all the words of wisdom and dynamic individuals that I was able to cross paths with. Several seminars and forums were held that catered to various dental related content (school and the profession) . We talked Continue reading “SNDA National Convention 2018”