Spring Break 2019: Jamaica


So I just came back from my spring break trip that I planned soooo long ago with my Fiancé. Had I known we’d get engaged we definitely wouldve waited to take this trip, lol save it for the honeymoon or something.. maybe even  put the money we spent towards the wedding but oh well lol. We had a great time though, it Continue reading “Spring Break 2019: Jamaica”

Spring Break 2018: Washington DC


Sooooooo, apparently we just had Spring Break. Smh But as quick as it came and went, I’m not really convinced….🤨 Because if I had to come back to an exam and quiz the FIRST day back and another exam two days later its like what break did I really have, seeing that I had to study all week!!! 😂 🙄 With that being said, Continue reading “Spring Break 2018: Washington DC”