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Back from BOARDS! (NBDE pt 1)

It’s been a minute. My apologies. I had quite the last couple of months, from nonstop studying for Finals in April to Boards which I took May 20, to just life in general (struggled passing a class, car got towed $$$$, fiancé moved in etc) Like I said LIFE. I’m almost traumatized from how much was going on but I’m so happy I made it Continue reading “Back from BOARDS! (NBDE pt 1)”

When people ask how finals are going

2 down, 8 to go!  Except those 8 are in a span of 4 days.😩 lol So unreal. Ironically this semester wasn’t as demanding as the past ones but these finals are coming in hot! lol Pray for me. 1 week away from being half a dentist (50% done with school)! And 8 days away from my hiatus to study for BOARDS! Pray for me x2 . 😇

Spring Break 2019: Jamaica


So I just came back from my spring break trip that I planned soooo long ago with my Fiancé. Had I known we’d get engaged we definitely wouldve waited to take this trip, lol save it for the honeymoon or something.. maybe even  put the money we spent towards the wedding but oh well lol. We had a great time though, it Continue reading “Spring Break 2019: Jamaica”

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So school started back last week and … seems as though the ball got rolling super fast! This semester we were introduced to our own clinic time, so now we’re fully responsible and capable of having our own patients and appointments. I’m still flustered at the thought, but I somehow ended up with a WHOLE PATIENT only 4 days into the semester. lol Appointment went reallyy good though. I’m a little more Continue reading “Boards”

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All about nothing


Haven’t been on here in so long! My mind has been all over and it’s been hard to keep up with posting, life, relationships and school lol  Still swarmed with tasks, assignments, project sheets and soon,  final exams. We have one short Continue reading “All about nothing”

Just checking in

Hey all!

D2 year has had me completely swarmed with things to do, from project deadlines, to quizzes and exams, to scholarship and study abroad applications(I got accepted! YAY) , elections and planning events for SNDA! So, my apologies. I haven’t had a chance to keep the blog updated but if I think of anything exciting I’ll be sure to get it posted. Right now, I’m Continue reading “Just checking in”